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Pioneer Level–Grade 11
The Pioneer Level explores American literature in the form of short stories, speeches, poetry, folklore, and much more. The Pioneer Level draws from familiar authors and speakers such as Martin Luther King Jr., Nathaniel Hawthorne, Emily Dickinson, Frederick Douglass, and Charles Lindbergh, along with numerous less familiar sources. Beginning with a quick 16-page review of key historical moments and influences over the last 500 years in America, the Pioneer Level enables readers to gain a deeper understanding of the impact and context history has provided to the American literature we read today. The activities in the Pioneer Level encourage high-school students to sharpen the skills needed for standardized tests and proficiency examinations, especially the clarity of written expression so critical in the newly-formatted SAT examinations.

About Implications of Literature
Implications of Literature is an academically rigorous high school literature series that features traditional, values-oriented content. These textbooks create coursework that preserves family values while exposing your high school student to excellent short stories, novellas, drama, novels, and biographical and auto-biographical nonfiction. All stories have been chosen to build character in young minds without moralizing.

Implications of Literature texts are designed to build comprehension, critical and analytical skills. Quizzes, textual sidebars, literary critiques, writing assignments, journaling, grammar, and vocabulary are just a few of Implications of Literature's innovative features. The student text includes an introduction to each genre, with vocabulary clearly explained in footers on nearly every page. The teacher's text includes all of the content of the student text with helpful annotations and suggested answers for assignments.

Image of Teacher Addition 11th Grade-Implications of Literature PIONEER LEVEL
Teacher Addition 11th Grade-Implications of Literature PIONEER LEVEL
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11th Grade-Witness to History
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